A brief Biography of Moazzam Mirza



Moazzam Mirza visit mumbai

Moazzam Mirza (Born Mirza Moazzam Beg, Moazzambeg, November 18/1991) Beg was Indian Muslim and Beg is Famous Watercolor Artist and Team founder and leader (Moazzam Beg Khan’s), Beg is a Hold on Quran and Hadith, belief in Ahl al-Hadith (Salafi). Begs Father is Mahmoodbeg Mirza and Begs Grandfather is Abd’ al-Sattarbeg ibn Ismailbeg Mirza. Beg is a member of House of Khan Beg House founder of Begs Mothers Father Khan Ghulam Nabi bin Abd’ al-Gani Sheikh.

Beg is Ahle hadis because, Ahl al-Hadith, The people of hadith (Arabic: Ahl al-ḥadīth; أهل الحديث) or (Aşḥāb al-ḥadīth; أصحاب الحديث) means ‘Quran – Hadith’ (The People followers only Quran and Sahi Hadith), Begs go on way of Tehqeeq also Research and read Quran or Sahih Hadith after Beg belief in Ahle Hadis. Beg past in Hanafi – (Arabic: حنفي‎ Ḥanafī ) also know as Abū Ḥanīfa, because Beg father is belief in Hanafi.

(1) Moazzambegs, Statement his belief in Ahle Hadees:
In Mumbai, Sun 07, Aug 2011
by Sheik Omer
As-Salaamu Alaykum, i born in indian Muslim family and i proud, my father Mahmood Beg is belief in Tablighi Hanafi and before i am Tablighi Hanafi, running my life, my mama Abd’ al-Sheikh Sher Khan befor his Tablighi hanafi and his research (tehqeeq) after his beleif in ahle hadees, his says you research and after see result, i research read first Quran & second Hadith with translation in my language. I read quran or hadith & long time but after i accepting in Feb 2010, my mama is right, after i following only Quran & Hadith. Now i proud i Muslim in i Holding only..only.. Quran & Hadith, now my imam “MUHAMMAD (pbuh)”, my life is running now very..very good & easy. Last his says, u r muslim or non-muslim, please.. Please.. You research, non-muslim read all religion books & see result. Thanks & As-Salaamu Alaykum.

Source: Begs statement his Ahle Hadees, PQR News.

(2) Moazzam Beg and his team members:
In Ahmedabad, Sep. 14, 2013
by BeyPeople
Team members and team Leader Mr. Moazzambeg he said right fight for Syrian al-Qaeda Mujahideen because syrian people follow to Bashar al-Assad, people said Bashar al-Assad is GOD…, so fight of Al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda message is “There is only One True God – Allah”



Moazzam Mirza art, like Ahmedabad Railway Station

Moazzam Mirza art, like Ahmedabad Railway Station

Mirza education in Republic High School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. also beg is a famous Watercolor artist, Republic High School (his high school) in first 1st field in Art, his won a most Art Award, Trophy with Certificate, more Art Certificates in his School and his 2nd (rank) Artist in Gujarat, India. Awarded in his School Principal Mr. Khan Sir in 2006, School in 1st (rank) Art master.

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